August 31, 2012


Brickell is on fire, there is no question about it. And as high rises grow taller, and restaurants become more diverse and affordable, the need for public spaces grows. The sanctuaries of urban living are defined by their locations and ability to momentarily pause the bustle of a city. Be that a grassy lawn or the steps of a library, the vitality of a city depends on the public spaces dedicated to peace. Those places where one can enjoy a quiet lunch or read the latest best seller, without having to wait in line for Starbucks. Where one can avoid the scramble to find available outdoor tables, as the fate of many Brickellites is. Among the obvious enjoyable traits that the coffeehouse and similar establishments carry, the asset that draws its particular size of crowd is the free (+ tall iced machiatto) Internet.

There happens to be a place that combines all these desires, without forcing its patrons to buy one little thing. 600 Brickell World Plaza is this cool space that is easy to mistake for another dazzling highrise. While it is just that, it boasts unusual features too. A LEED building (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design), it is the first Class A office building of its kind to be awarded Platinum Status by the U.S. Green Building Council in the entire state of Florida. 600 Brickell is also the backdrop to the latest urban haven, Brickell World Plaza.

30,000 square feet, close to an acre of land, has been designed for multi-purpose uses, all with the intention of creating a hot spot to gather the community. Walking past the multi-tiered fountains, one enters a modern courtyard with oak trees, (although young, will blossom great branches perfect for blocking intense sunlight) lined with gorgeous white stone benches. There is even a small plot of grass for those who prefer sprawling in the soft terrain. Now, thekicker – the best thing about BWP – is the free WiFi. It is easy to find in a device’s Available Network list, titled:

Brickell World Plaza. Once chosen, users are granted instant connection without a password prompt.

In the coming months, a coffee kiosk and newsstand will be available in the plaza if the craving strikes. Lunch will take on a new meaning as well when a sandwich shop and Restaurant Du Cap, “a new upscale, vibrant restaurant featuring award-winning Chef Philippe Ruiz from the Palm D’Or Restaurant at the Biltmore in Coral Gables,” open this winter. Not to mention, Pizza Rustica is already open across the street. Hopefully an arepa stand sets up shop, and then BWP will have it all.

Loretta Cockrum, founder, chairmen and C.E.O. of Foram Group, the development company of 600 Brickell, explained its conception:”Brickell World Plaza was designed to be to Miami what Rockerfeller Plaza is to New York.
The 30,000 square foot public plaza is an urban oasis that creates a sense of community, inviting people to connect with restaurants and cafés, a stage, and a 60-foot up-lit fountain. World Plaza is destined to become the premiere venue for community events.”

So not just a pretty face, Brickell World Plaza is also a future micro-epicenter that has the facilities to support ground-level shops, movie events, parties and most importantly, the gathering of the public.

*Please keep in mind that while the retail is being put in place, sitting in the park is discouraged between dusk and dawn.